KFARM is The largest agricultural, livestock, return to farming, and rural exhibitions in Seoul area.

KFARM is a comprehensive agricultural and livestock industry expo composed of the Rural Return and Resettlement Exhibition, Agricultural Machinery and Equipment Exhibition, Future Agriculture Exhibition, 6th Industrial Exhibition and Smart Livestock Exhibition.

Messe Esang
Rural Return and Resettlement Exhibition
Agricultural Machinery and Equipment Exhibition
Future Agriculture Exhibition
6th Industrial Exhibition
Smart Livestock Exhibition


Rural Return and
Resettlement Exhibition

Rural Return and Resettlement

Rural Return and Resettlement Support for Rural Return and Resettlement, Consultation for Living in Rural Areas, Policy Promotion

Youth Entrepreneurship

Youth Farming, Employment ·Entrepreneurship items and Consulting, Others


ICT Education, Consulting, Entrepreneurship Education, Smart Farm Field Training, Agriculture and Rural Information Education

Smart Livestock Exhibition

Livestock Smart Devices

ICT, AI, Robotics, Others

Livestock Equipment

Livestock equipment and facilities, livestock product sanitation and processing facilities, Others


Mixed feed equipment and products, feed additives, nutritional supplements, Others

Pharmaceutical Sector

Animal Medicine, Disease Prescription, Hygiene and Quarantine, Others

Longitudinal Contraction Sector

Variety, Breeding Improvement, Biotechnology, Others

Production Sector

Production Technology, Farm Management, Consulting, Farm HACCP, Others

Information Sector

Livestock-related publications, Information, Distribution and Computer Management Systems, Others


Biomass, Plan Facilities, Renewable Bioenergy, Others

Future Agriculture Exhibition

Future Agricultural

Growth Environment Integrated Control System, Automatic Control Solution, Growth Information DB Analysis System, Maintenance Solution, others

Smart Factory Facilities and Devices

Farm automation machinery, materials and parts, plant factories, smart greenhouses, internal/external environmental management equipment

Urban Agriculture

Functional garden, hobby agriculture, weekend farm, household plant cultivator, cultivation system, hydroponic system

Agricultural Machinery and Equipment Exhibition

Tiller / Stop Machine

Agricultural tractors, Cultivators, Management Machines, Paddy Trunks, Agricultural Excavators, Others

Harvesting Machine

Grain Transfer Machines, Agricultural Harvesting machines, Agricultural Power Transporters, Combines, Threshers, Trailers, Others

Transplanting·Planting·Seeding Machine

Grain transporter, Agricultural Product Harvester, Agricultural Power Transport Vehicle, Combine, Thresher, Trailer, Others

Female-Friendly Agricultural Machine

Parts and Others

Agricultural Ladder, Rotary Blade, Hydraulic Cylinder, Safety Lamp(Light Lamp), Agricultural Machinery Parts, Others

6th Industrial Exhibition

Agricultural Products and Agricultural Products

Agricultural processed Products, Agricultural Products, Eco-Friendly Organic Foods and Products, 6th industrial Foods, Functional Foods, Traditional Foods, Others

Packaging Machine

Packaging Machines, Packaging Materials, Mechanical Parts, Packaging Materials, Agricultural Products Containers, Others

Distribution and Logistics

Standardization and Standardization of Agricultural Products, Distribution Logistics systems, Post-Harvest Management and Other processing Facilities, Storage Facilities, Whole and Commodity Brokerage, Others

Planning Center’s Guide

AgTech Planning Officer

Agricultural AI, Unmanned Vehicles, Self-Driving Software and Kits, Drones, Agricultural Robots, Logistics Robots, Others

Planning Center, Energy Saving Solutions for Agriculture and Livestock

Energy Saving Technology, Energy Saving Facilities and Equipment, Eco-Friendly Agricultural Machinery, Solar Energy, ESS devices, High Efficiency LEDs, Biomass, Others